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The Inner Harbor’s newest attraction will disappear in just a few days!

Welcome to the Sukkah

Whether you’re downtown for leisure or work a Sukkah is there for you; just minutes from downtown businesses, hospitals and attractions.

Inner Harbor Sukkah
Sunday, October 12 through Wednesday, October 15, all day

This Year @ Pier 4, Baltimore, MD 21202
(Behind the Power Plant; near the Pier 4 Bridge)


Experience the Holiday. Bless the Four Kinds. Eat in the Sukkah. Crafts for Kids

University of Maryland Baltimore Sukkah
Thursday, October 9 through Wednesday, October 15, all day

At the University of Maryland Medical Center
22. S. Greene Street (on the left of main entrance) Baltimore, MD 21201

For more information call: 410-605-0505 or email by clicking here

Sponsor a day in the Inner Harbor Sukkah for $100, please visit: or call: 410-605-0505

Thank you to David Cordish of the Cordish Companies for hosting and assisting with the Inner Harbor Sukkah. Thank you to Isar Rotenberg for sponsoring a Lulav and Esrog. Thank you to Rabbi Ruth Smith of UMMC for organizing the Sukkah at UMMC. Thank you to an Anonymous sponsor for providing us with the Sukkot.