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September 15 - 25, 2023


  • Dear Friend,

    I’m just a small Shofar. Most of the year you don’t even think of me. But I see you as you pass me on the shelf.

    Today I need to speak up and ask for your help. I hope you’ll listen to me as carefully as you always do. Because there’s a lot riding on you.

    This past year has been like a shofar. Twisting and turning, ups and downs. I’m used to curves but this year is making me dizzy. Back to normal and back and back. It’s enough to give you shofar-lash.

    Inflation and falling stock markets, war in Ukraine, anti-Semitic attacks and a lingering pandemic. People are suffering from loneliness. Depression. Anxiety. Fatigue.

    Our community needs you.


    Today they need you to give them the shofar’s message.

    The world heard my message when Isaac, the future of the Jewish people, rose to sanctify G-d’s name.

    You heard my message when you, a newly born Jewish nation, left Egypt.

    You heard me when you entered the Land of Israel.

    You heard me for thousands of years, through pandemics and challenging times.

    You sounded me quietly, in the basements during the Inquisition, and in the barracks of the Holocaust.

    And now our community needs you to sound my message strong and loud. And the way you can do that is to make a donation right now as we approach the High Holidays.

    Your donation will send out a message of resilience, hope, and community. A cry that makes our young adults and community members search inside for strength, courage, and commitment. Am Yisrael Chai!

    I’m hoping you are in a position to help with a gift of $180 – or any amount that is right for you.

    You’ll help usher in the Jewish year of 5783 … sweetly and powerfully!

    Your donation will help young adults like Sarah, a graduate student downtown who’s wondering if she should ‘blend in’ and hide her identity. You can give her confidence and a place that’s safe. Company, connection and community,

    Your donation will help community members like David, who’s watching his meager income evaporate with rising inflation . You will give him a place to hear the shofar, celebrate the High Holidays, and enjoy, the services, the brisket, and of course ... the shofar.

    Your donation will help the home and hospital bound like Karen , who in better timeshosted her family’s Rosh Hashanah dinners. Now she’s not well and doesn’t even have the ability to go to shul. You can bring the joy of the Jewish new year and the sound of the shofar to her. Remind her that she is not forgotten. That she’s not alone.

    We all need a place to go. A place to learn. A place to celebrate, and thrive. A place where we can be ourselves and grow together as a loving, confident Jewish community.

    You can make this possible with a donation today. I hope you can join. So many people will be most appreciative.

    The High Holidays are right around the corner. Your donation will help young adults and community members hear me! The heart-stirring notes of the shofar bring my ever-relevant message of Am Yisroel Chai. It will help them search within for courage, resilience, strength, and commitment.

    You'll make it possible for them to delight in the delicious apple & honey, the brisket, sparkling grape juice, and in each other’s company.

    With your help, many more precious people will celebrate the traditions, and feel at peace, knowing that someone does care.


    Can you give today? Whether it's $180, or any amount, you'll help make their High Holidays.

    You will help sound the message of the shofar.

    If you can give more than $180, I can assure you that it will be used to reach and host even more people. If $180 is too much, please know that any amount, even one dollar, will help.

    I hope you can join us. So many people will be most appreciative. You can give easily and securely online below or you can mail your contribution to:

        Mr. Shofar c/o Chabad of Downtown
        407 S. High St. Baltimore, MD

    Thank you for your consideration. I give a hoot. And I know you do too.

    I am sure I will see you and you will hear me soon.

    I wish you and yours a sweet New Year with only blessings.

        Mister Shofar

    P.S. Can you give $180 – or any amount - to help give our Jewish community the gift of the High Holidays? You will give them a place to celebrate and explore their Judaism. And you are showing them that you care!

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