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Celebrate Purim @ the Van Gough Café in the heart of Fells Point

Megilah reading at 10am

Free coffee and hamantash with every order all morning

Prize for the best Purim costume or hat

Sunday, March 20

At the Van Gough Café, 300 S. Ann Street, Baltimore, MD 21231 (Corner of Ann and Gough Streets)

For more information call Chabad at: 410-605-0505 or Van Gough Cafe at: (410) 558-1958

Sponsored by Chabad of Downtown and the Van Cough Café

Kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Y. Zvi Weiss; not all items are Chalav Yisrael

P.S. All you wanted to know about Purim is just a click away! Go to: