5000 Years in 5 Hours: A Crash Course in Jewish History

Downtown Lunch 'n' Learn Beginning November 2011

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5000 Years in 5 Hours: A Crash Course in Jewish History

A five-part series – lunch n’ learn downtown

Embark on a journey with our patriarch Abraham departing from Mesopotamia and concluding with the creation of the Modern State of Israel.

Know the story of your People!

Wednesdays, beginning November 23, 2011, 1230-130pm

36 S. Charles Street, Charles Center South, 2nd Floor, Baltimore MD, 21201

Recognizing your demanding work schedule, each lesson is designed to stand alone and attendance at all lessons is not necessary to advance your knowledge.

Kosher lunch will be served. $15 dollars per lunch.

For more info and to RSVP please call 410-605-0505, email us by clicking here

Learn about:

  • The Prophets & kings
  • Our struggles under the Babylonian, Greek, & Roman empires
  • The authorship of the Mishna & Talmud
  • The Ashkenazi & Sephardic divide
  • The rise of Christianity and Islam
  • The persecutions of the Crusaders, Spanish Inquisitions, and the Polish Pogroms
  • The modern movements of Chassidism, Reform & Zionism.

Thank you to Barry Isaac from Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates for hosting this lunch n’ learn.

Sponsor this lunch n’ learn for $180, please call our office at 410-605-0505 or visit www.chabaddowntown.net/donate (please indicate lunch n' learn in memo)