We hope you enjoy your stay here. Below you can find some information about Jewish Downtown. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: 410-605-0505 or click here. The Information below is current as of 08/01/2022.

We depend on donations from individuals such as yourself to support our Jewish hospitality. Click here to donate online, or mail your contribution to: Chabad of Downtown, 407 S. High Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. Thank you for your support!


Please be advised that there is only a limited Eruv in the Downtown area. For details please contact Bnai Israel congregation

Shabbat Hospitality
Visiting Baltimore for Shabbat? Join Chabad for a Shabbat Dinner or Lunch, replete with scrumptious food, inspirational song, Torah insights, and camaraderie. Chabad is your home away from home.
RSVP required. Please contact us at 410-605-0505 or click here. Suggested donation: $36 per meal.


There are unfortunately no Kosher establishments downtown. You may, however, find many kosher items in local groceries and the greater Baltimore Jewish community is not to far away.

Click Here for a partial list of greater Baltimore kosher eateries and stores.

Chabad of Downtown is not a Kosher supervising agency, please refer to each establishments Hechsher for their Kashrut standards. Establishments and items may or may not be Chalav Yisrael.


Chabad of Downtown
Shabbat & Holiday Prayer Services
Chabad's Shul meets for Prayer, Study and Kiddush monthly and on special occasions.
Please contact us by calling: 410-605-0505 or clicking here for information on our upcoming minyanim, times and places. Or see our calendar of events by clicking here.

Bnai Israel Congregation 
Shabbat & Holiday Prayer Services
Baltimore’s oldest continuously used synagogue (built in 1876), located in the historic East Baltimore Jewish neighborhood of Jonestown on famous Corn Beef Lane (Lombard St) and just a few minutes’ walk from the Inner Harbor and nearby hotels.
Address: 27 Lloyd Street Baltimore, MD 21202 
Phone: (410)732-5454 
Web: www.BnaiIsraelCongregation.org 
Times: Friday Evening: Varies, please inquire. Shabbat Morning: 9:30am. Sunday Morning: 830am. Holidays: please inquire.

Neuberger Workday Minchah Minyan
Address: One South Street, 27th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202 
Corner of Baltimore and South Streets, @ the law firm of Neuberger, Quinn, Gielen, Rubin & Gibber, P.A., 
Times: Monday-Friday, 12:50pm during standard time, 1:50pm during daylight savings time. Minyan does not meet during many Jewish and legal holidays. Times are subject to change.

Harbor East Workday Mincha Minyan
Standard Time Only

Address: Chabad of Downtown Baltimore, 407 S. High Street (21202)
Times: Monday–Thursday, 12:40pm. Minyan meets during standard time only and does not meet during Jewish and legal holidays. Confirmation suggested 

Johns Hopkins Workday Minchah Minyan
Address: 600 North Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21287 Blalock Building in the Jewish Hospitality Suite. 
Times: M-T 1:10pm during standard time, 2:10pm during daylight savings time. Minyan does not meet during many Jewish and legal holidays. Times are subject to change.

Greater Baltimore Minyanim
Can't find what you need downtown? The center of Jewish life in Baltimore is just minutes away.
Click Here for a partial list of greater Baltimore Shuls and minyanim.


The Jewish Museum of Maryland
The Jewish Museum of Maryland, America’s leading museum of regional Jewish history, culture and community. Visitors can uncover the roots of Jewish history in our landmark historic sites – the Lloyd Street Synagogue, built in 1845, now the nation’s third oldest surviving synagogue and home to Americas oldest Mikvah and a century old Matzah bakery and the B’nai Israel Synagogue, built in 1876 and still home to a vibrant congregation. The Museum Campus includes three exhibition galleries featuring fascinating and diverse exhibitions that explore in depth, the Jewish American experience.
Address: 15 Lloyd Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 
Phone: 410-732-6400 
Web: www.JewishMuseumMD.org 
Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 10:00am - 5:00pm