• YJP TU B’AV WHITE PARTYThursday, August 11, 7pm
    For Jewish 20s & 30s.
    Celebrate Tu B’Av in white cocktail attire.
    Socialize with fellow young Jews while overlooking the Inner Harbor
    Enjoy wine & cheese with Sommelier Tim O’Hare of the Charm City Wine School.
    Sponsors: Chabad of Downtown, YJP & Moishe House Baltimore
    Hosts: Matthew Stevenson, Heather Brown, Joseph Glantzberg, Daniel Gabel, Betty Cohen, Albert Antar, Sarenka Smith, Dana Kobrin, Yoad Merin
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    During the High Holidays, the doors to heaven are open to all... So are ours!
    Join us for services, dinner & more
    ROSH HASHANAH - SEP. 25-27
    YOM KIPPUR - OCT. 4-5
    Info & RSVP
  • ROSH HASHANAH YJP & COMMUNITY DINNERSunday, September 25, 7:45 PM
    Traditional Rosh Hashanah Dinner for young professionals and community members.
    At the Chabad House of Downtown
    Couvert: YP $18; Community $36; Sponsor $360
    RSVP Here
  • SHABBAT MORNING SERVICES & KIDDUSHJoin us for a lively monthly Shabbat morning Davening and some inspirational learning, followed by Kiddush and Farbrengen.
    At the Chabad House of Downtown
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  • High Holidays AppealI’m just a small Shofar. Most of the year you don’t even think of me.
    This past year has been like a shofar. Twisting and turning, ups and downs. I’m used to curves but this year is making me dizzy. Back to normal and back and back. Inflation and falling stock markets, war in Ukraine, anti-Semitic attacks and a lingering pandemic. People are suffering from loneliness. Depression. Anxiety. Fatigue.
    Our community needs you...
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Chabad of Downtown serves downtown's young adult, graduate students, residents & professionals.
Established in 2008, Chabad of Downtown serves as a center for Jewish life and education and is dedicated to making the beauty of our Jewish heritage accessible to all Jews.
We welcome and accepts all Jews regardless of background or affiliation.
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