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  • YJP - ISRAELI - SHABBAT DINNERFri., Fe. 7, 7pm - For young professionals 20s & 30s. - Celebrate Tu B'shevat with an Israeli themed Shabbat dinner, with lots of food, friends and fun! - At the Chabad House of Downtown - Couvert $15; first time use promo code 'welcome' RSVP Here
  • SHABBAT SERVICE & KIDDUSHShabbat morning, Feb. 22, 10am - Join us for a lively Shabbat morning Davening and inspirational learning, followed by Kiddush. - At Chabad of Downtown - Contact for more info More Info
  • MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!Make a year-end gift in support of Jewish life downtown! Your donation allows us to share the beauty and depth of Judaism. Contributions are tax exempt. Donate Today!
  • CHAI CLUBInvest in Jewish life downtown! Join the Chai Club of individuals committed to supporting Chabad's work in our community by making monthly donations in multiples of $18! You can make the difference! Join Now!
  • YJP ENCOUNTER: CRWN HGHTSAn Immersive Shabbat Experience with young professionals from around the country. - Meet the people. Explore the sites. Taste the food. Feel the energy - Crown Heights, NY; The Urban Shtetle - Use code 'BALT120' for discount Info & Tickets
  • HARBOR EAST MINCHAH MINYANMonday – Thursday, 12:40pm - Work or live near Harbor East? Join us for the afternoon Minchah prayer. Minyan meets on most workdays during standard time - At Chabad of Downtown - Contact to receive minyan updates More Info
  • TOURIST INFONeed a place to eat on Shabbat? Where to find Kosher food? Looking for a place to pray? We can help you with all your Jewish needs. More Info
  • 21 Talmud Facts Every Jew Should KnowThe bulk of the Talmudic texts contain analysis of Biblical verses and Torah law, but it’s... Read More
  • Does Taking Pictures Take You Out of the Present?Can you be fully immersed if you are taking a picture? Read More
  • Obstacle or Opportunity?Chapter 21 of Positivity Bias Read More
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