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  • YJP Outdoor Torah TuesdayTue. Aug. 11, 7pm - For young professionals in your 20s & 30s - Outdoor Torah discussion & socializing. Social learning with social distancing. - Federal Hill Park - Prepacked dinner from The Daily Special $10 or bring your own. Info & RSVP
  • CONNECT10N: 10 ways to own YOUR Judaism!Each week over the summer we will focus on a Mitzvah or project that will further help you make your home a center of Jewish life. Follow the campaign on Facebook & Instagram, #Connect10n Follow Campaign!
  • Calendar Campaign!5781 (2020-2021) Jewish Art Calendar is heading to print. - DEDICATE a day - birthdays, anniversary or Yartzeits. - ADVERTISE your business – be seen by hundreds in the Baltimore area. - DONATE to the Calendar Campaign! Learn More
  • Support Chabad!Make a donation in support of Jewish life downtown! Your donation allows us to share the beauty and depth of Judaism. Contributions are tax exempt. Donate Today!
  • Join The Chai ClubInvest in Jewish life downtown! Join the Chai Club of individuals committed to supporting Chabad's work in our community by making monthly donations in multiples of $18! You can make the difference! Join Now!
  • 10 Keys to Understanding Many Ashkenazi Family NamesGoldstein, Schapiro, Landau, Posner, Isaacs, Schwartz, Weiss, Moskowitz, Goldberg, Rosenberg … the... Read More
  • Judging Favorably - A Redefinition of the Classic UnderstandingMishneh Torah In-Depth, Article 3 - Deot Read More
  • Losh - Kneading Read More
  • The Rebbe Taught a Young Woman the Meaning of LoveMrs. Chana Sharfstein recalls one of her first private audiences with the Rebbe Read More
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