With Chabad of Downtown

You Prayed...... You Fasted...... It’s Time to Dance!

Join Chabad of Downtown for a Simchat Torah Bash

Thursday Night, Sep. 26

7:30pm Maariv

8:00pm Kiddush & Cocktails, followed by Hakafot & Dancing

Friday, Sep. 27

10:00am Shacharit

11:00am Kiddush

At the Chabad House of Downtown, 407 S. High St.

For more information, call 410-605-0505 or click here, http://facebook.com/647247391961990

Learn more about Simchat torah, visit http://bmorejewish.com/4689

Sponsor this event, visit http://bmorejewish.com/donate

Thank you Alex Blass for being a Sponsor 

P.S. If you have not yet, visit the downtown Sukkah at the Power Plant Live! And UMMC, see http://bmorejewish.com/2335468 for info and map