Gun Control: What does the Torah Say?

Applying the Talmud’s Wisdom to Today’s Hot-button Issues.

It’s back in the national debate. Should we ban weapons or should we have one in every home and institution? What’s considered lethal? Do we need better background checks? What does traditional Judaism have to say about the Second Amendment?

Judaism has always provided guidance on all issues of life, both personal matters as well as those of public and communal concern. Join us as we explore the Talmud’s enduring values and its deep insights. We present the sources; you decide!

Wednesday, Dec. 26 & January 2, 1230-130pm

Turn a slow day to a stimulating one

36 S. Charles Street, Charles Center South, 2nd Floor, Baltimore MD, 21201

Kosher lunch served $15

For more info and to RSVP please call 410-605-0505; visit:; email us by clicking here

Thank you to Barry Isaac from Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates for hosting this lunch n’ learn.