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Give Strength

To the Downtown Jewish Community

Dear Friend,

We are in a fight for survival. In Israel, terrorists are attacking with rockets and guns. But Jews are under attack right here in our community. 

That’s why we're counting on you now...

You still have time to stand with Jews here in Downtown by donating to Chabad of Downtown.

If you can give by December 31, that would be a perfect way to finish 2023 -- and set up for a better 2024 for the many young adults and community members around us who are terrified, wondering what it means to be Jewish in a world that seems to want them dead.

Our precious neighbors need a loving Jewish life-line.

Many of them are watching the anti-Israel demonstrations. They see their neighbors, even their friends, chanting for the end of Jews.

Some of them want to go into hiding. Maybe even leave behind their Jewish identity.

Our community needs friends like you, who go above-and-beyond to share a place to go that will help them embrace their identity as Jews. And be strong in the face of it all.

Just as we always have been.

  • Your donation makes it possible to show a Jewish neighbor like Larry how to put on tefillin -- for the first time ever.
  • Your donation provides amazing Shabbat dinners for young adults like Jessica, who often have no other Jewish connection.
  • Your donation gives Jews a safe and loving place when they face antisemitism and pressure to ignore their heritage.

It happens one Jew at a time. "Small" (but huge) actions that demonstrate the beauty and love of being Jewish. We must be there for our community in these difficult times.

Can you give $180 or - any amount - for our Year End Campaign?

Donate here:

You will give people a way to learn and express their Judaism. You will give them meaningful conversations and delicious Shabbat Dinners and Holiday celebrations, filled with delicious food, light, and laughter.

What it means to be Jewish in a world that doesn’t understand.

Could you send a donation today? If you send it by December 31, you can itemize it for your 2023 taxes.

Your gift will shine brightly into 2024.

We’ve been through hard times before. We have always survived. Because we stand together!

That’s what your year-end donation will do.

Thank you for considering my request. May G-d Almighty bless you and yours.


Levi & Chani Druk

Chabad of Downtown

P.S. Our Jewish community, near and far, faces challenges. Please make your gift to Chabad of Downtown today. Your donation helps us maintain our strength and unity. Remember, gifts sent by midnight on December 31 are tax-deductible for 2023.

P.P.S. Your gift will be recognized on our Campaign Webpage and in a future Newsletter.

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