Passover Campaign!

  • Passover is coming up. For many, it will be a difficult one...

  • Dear Friend,

    Let’s go back in time to the very first Egypt...

        Everyone was talking about the terrible plague. And every Jewish person was told to seek shelter, mark their doorposts, and stay at home.

        But what about people who had no home – the poor, the orphans, the   neediest among us? Would you have helped, or would you have turned them away?


        I know what you would have done . I can see it in my mind’s eye right now. Families opening their doors and their hearts. Caring for each other, taking in strangers, and people who didn’t have other places to go. As Jews, we always take care of each other.

        That’s why I am reaching out to you today - to help with our Passover campaign.

        Because today, we are all experiencing a pandemic. We are weary and fatigued.We yearn for connection and community. Some of us are looking for a Seder to join. Others need help with Seder supplies like Matzah .

        You can help. Your gift will help your fellow Jews feel comfortable, accepted, and at home. We have helped each other for centuries, ever since the very first time. And I’m asking you to do it again today.

        With your help, we will will give an authentic taste of Passover to those celebrating at home, with Seder 2 Go boxes and handmade Shmurah Matzah .

        They will cry over the Maror and celebrate with the wine. You will give them exactly what they need: a wonderful Passover experience.

        Organizing Passover during Covid-19 is a lot of work and does not come cheap… All of which will be given by people who care. People like you.

        Can you give $180? That’s all it will take to give the special Seder Experience.

        Whether they enjoy Passover at Chabad or in their homes, you will be caring for them and enhancing their Passover greatly.

        As we have done for each other, ever since the very first one!

        Thank you for caring enough to read my letter. I hope it touches your heart, and I’d like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and joyous Passover!


        Levi Druk

    Rabbi Levi Druk

    PS. Please consider sending your gift today - any amount you can spare - so we can make the proper preparations in time for Passover.

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