Downtown’s newest attraction will disappear in just a few days!
Welcome to the Community Sukkah
Whether you’re downtown for leisure or work a Sukkah is there for you; just minutes from downtown businesses, hospitals and attractions.

Wednesday, Oct.16 – Friday Oct. 18
The Inner Harbor’s newest attraction to disappear in just a few days!
Eat in the Sukkah! Bless the Lulav & Esrog!
This year at Pier 4 (At the far end. Behind the Power Plant.)

Monday, Oct. 14 – Monday Oct. 21
At the University of Maryland Medical Center.
Eat in the Sukkah! Bless the Lulav & Esrog!
22. S. Greene Street (on the left of main entrance) Baltimore, MD

For more information call: 410-605-0505 or email by clicking here

Sponsor a day at the Sukkah for $180. Will help cover sukkah refreshments & more. Please visit: Indicate donation purpose (and dedication, in honor/memory etc.) in comments section.

Thank you to David Cordish of the Cordish Companies for hosting and assisting with the Inner Harbor Sukkah. Thank you to Rabbi Ruth Smith of UMMC for organizing the Sukkah at UMMC. Thank you to Isar Rotenberg for sponsoring a Lulav and Esrog. Thank you to an Anonymous sponsor for providing us with the Sukkot.