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Kabbalah 101

Kabbalah 101

Wednesdays, May 5, 12, 26, June 9, 16, 23, 30, 12:30 - 1:30pm


 Sunset, Pyramid, Camel

Kabbalah 101

Kabbalah, what is it? Why Study Kabbalah?

The Prophet Ezikiel, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Rabbi Isaac Luria, The Bal Shem Tov; who are these great sages and how did they contribute to the evolution of Kabbalah?

Join us for this introductory course to the study of Practical Jewish Mysticism, as the esoteric becomes exoteric, and learn how it can make a difference in our day to day life. 

Lesson 1: Introduction to Kabbalah

§ Kabbalah, what is it?

§ Why Study Kabbalah?

Lesson 2: The evolution of Kabbalah I

§ The Prophet Ezikiel

§ Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

Lesson 3: The evolution of Kabbalah I 

§ Rabbi Isaac Luria

§ The Bal Shem Tov

Lesson 4: Concepts in Kabbalah I

§ The Ten Sefirot

§ Three Cognitive

§ Seven Emotive

Lesson 5: Practical Kabbalah I

§ Jewish Meditation

§ Mind over Heart

Lesson 6: Concepts in Kabbalah II

§ G‑d

§ Tzimtzum

§ Creation

§ The four Worlds

Lesson 7: Practical Kabbalah II

§ Torah Study

§ Mitzvot

§ Love your fellow


Wednesdays, May 5, 12, 26, June 9, 16, 23, 30, July 21, 28 12:30 - 1:30pm

At 36 south Charles Street, Second Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201

Kosher lunch served; $15 dollars per lunch

Feel welcome to bring a friend

For more info or to RSVP contact our office at: 410-605-0505 or by CLICKING HERE

Special thanks to Barry Isaac of Gross Mendelsohn & Associates, P.A. for hosting this lunch n' learn


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"I found these classes to be different than most that I’ve attended in the past. They are dynamic, personal and meaningful. This has been a wonderful learning experience."
-- Michael D. Felder, MD Pediatrician, Los Angeles, CA

All in all, I now have a completely new understanding of my religion.  There are so many things that I could have gone my whole life not knowing that I know now, and I’m very thankful that I took this class.  It just made me even more interested in Judaism, and I have so many questions and would love to continue learning more.  … really opened up my mind to so many things I would have never even thought I’d have wanted it opened up to.  And I’m definitely now much more proud of my religion than I ever was before.

-Jessica  Haskin Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts